Hello, it's me, Dan.  Yes, that's me being cradled at a wedding against my will.  As lovely as it was, I wasn't quite prepared to be thrust in front of the lens at the bride's behest once the festivities on this particular occasion got underway. Nevertheless, my awkward face perhaps speaks volumes of how much more comfortable I am on the other side of the camera!

I live in London but of course travel much further afield for weddings.  Bad puns, bad jokes, and GOOD photography are what I live for. I've come to photography slightly later in life than other professionals, but I've always been in the business of image-making, having studied Fine Art Painting as an undergraduate at Wimbledon School of Art, completed my Masters in Documentary Photography at University of the Arts London in 2012 and worked in an art gallery in Mayfair for a number of years.

My photography work has been featured in Hello Magazine, The Independent and Time Out, and I produce images for designers, artists and major galleries and museums across London. See my commercial website here.

What excites me about wedding photography is also what motivates me with documentary and event photography in general: the chance encounter, a split-second instant, the organisation of mild chaos crystallised as a decisive moment.

My approach is best described as candid/ unposed, with an emphasis on capturing charm, emotion and comedy throughout the day. I work in a calm, unobtrusive manner, to allow for a more fun, honest and informal reflection of your wedding.